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Oct 05, 2011

Creating Data Group




I am trying to create a new data group in VE-F5 version 11. I got the following error


"0107134a:3: File object by name (NOT_VALID_SELECTION) is missing."


What can be the reason of this?


In previous version, I can give the path name of the external files and creating new data groups but now, I cannot write any thing in File Name field. It only says select... ????????



Any reply will be appreciated.







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  • Hi Lilly,



    In v11 to use an external file, you need to import it first. Here are the steps:



    1. Create a text file containing the data group contents. Here is a sample string data group file:



    "name1" := "value1",


    "name2" := "value2",


    "name3" := "value3",



    2. If you're on Windows, use a utility like dos2unix.exe to convert the line endings from CRLF to LF ( If you don't do this, you will get an error on import:



    01070627:3: The string data group external file (/config/filestore/.stage_d/55_d/Common_d/data_group_d/:Common:name_value_external_dg_1) has an invalid format, line: 2.



    3. Navigate to System | File Management | Data Group File List | Import



    4. Specify a filename. Example:



    File Name: C:\tmp\name_value_external_dg.dos.txt


    Name: name_value_external_dg


    File Contents: string


    Key / Value Pair Seperator: =:



    5. Navigate to Local Traffic | iRules | Data Group List | Create



    6. Specify a data group name. Example:



    Name: name_value_external_dg


    Type: External (File)


    File Name: name_value_external_dg



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    01070627:3: The string data group external file (/config/filestore/.stage_d/55_d/Common_d/data_group_d/:Common:name_value_external_dg_1) has an invalid format, line: 2.



    Is that going to be raised as a bug? Much as I like the Unix EOL=LF for text files, it's a sad fact that on some sites you just don't have access form anything except Windows.... And on many of those sites you can't install useful tools like dos2unix... Which means jumping through hoops to create the file on a real system, download it to Windows and then import it... (You have no idea how hard some people want to make things like this).



  • Yeah, I've opened a case on it yesterday. I was just trying to come up with workarounds for the meantime. I've asked to have a solution published as well noting the issue and workarounds. I'll reply back here when I get more info from Support.



    If installing tools on your Windows host isn't an option, you could also copy the file to LTM, run 'tr -d "\r" < dos.file > unix.file', copy it back to the Windows host and then import it via the GUI. There's probably a way to just import it via the CLI once you remove the carriage returns on LTM, but I didn't delve into that.



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    Have you tried notepad++? You can do EOL conversion with it and you can install it as a portable application to a usb stick or locally.


    Edit => EOL conversion => UNIX/OSX