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Jun 06, 2011

cookie not getting set using HTTP::cookie




I have a rule that is setting a cookie in an HTTP_REQUEST event before handing the request to the server. This is working on my development unit but the cookie fails to set on my production unit.




There are a couple of differences between development and production. Development is a BigIP 1500 running 9.4.7. Production is a BigIP 1600 9.4.8.




Here is what my rule is doing:






if { not ( [HTTP::cookie language] equals $user_selected_language ) } {


HTTP::cookie language $user_selected_language


HTTP::cookie update_language 1








Again, this is working on 9.4.7 but fails to set the cookie "language" on 9.4.8. I have added logging lines to my rule and have verified that the $user_selected_language has some value in every case (so I left that part of the rule out). I tried checking for the existence of the cookie and doing an HTTP::cookie insert name "language" value "$user_selected_language" if the cookie didn't exists. That didn't do anything. If it is any help, the cookie doesn't exist.




I read through the 9.4.8 release notes and found something about a trailing semicolon getting inserted by the HTTP::cookie insert command. I didn't think that was happening in my case but I tried the workaround detailed in the release notes but that didn't help.




Any ideas? Any ideas of what to try next?






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