iRule to take cookie from HTTP Response into HTTP Request via table

Sanitized version of an iRule. It’s main function is to take a cookie from a HTTP Response; put the value into a table and then insert into a HTTP request.

The switch statement section has been stripped right back. So please re-construct to your own needs.

The iRule contains some failsafe testing table look-ups and logging.

set requestjcookie "jcookie"
set dailycookie [table lookup -subtable "change-me-cookie" $requestjcookie]
#log local0. "CHANGE-ME: HTTP Request Cookie $dailycookie"
switch -glob [HTTP::path] {

Note: Section stripped back. Please re-create as per  the need

HTTP::cookie remove "JSESSIONID"
HTTP::cookie insert name "JSESSIONID" value $dailycookie


if { [HTTP::header exists "Set-cookie" ] } {
set cookies [HTTP::cookie names]
foreach cookie $cookies {
set cookie_value [HTTP::cookie $cookie]
# log local0. "CHANGE-ME: $cookie_value"
set responsejcookie "jcookie"
table set -subtable "change-me-cookie" $responsejcookie $cookie_value indef
table replace -subtable "change-me-cookie" $responsejcookie $cookie_value indef
set viewtb [table lookup -subtable "change-me-cookie" $responsejcookie]
# log local0. "CHANGE-ME: Listing $viewtb"

Published May 11, 2023
Version 1.0

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    when HTTP_RESPONSE {
    if { [HTTP::header exists "Set-cookie" ] } {
    set cookies [HTTP::cookie names]

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