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May 10, 2012

Converting LTM pair from active/standby to active/active




We have a pair of BIG IP 1500's configured as active/standby HA pair. We are on version 9.4.3.



Because of some intermittent periods of high load, we would like to convert to active/active configuration and move some high traffic VS to current standby box.



F5 documentation says the supported way to do this is via re-install. Does anybody have any experience or words of wisdom on performing this conversion? Is there a way to do it without re-installing the boxes?



Any suggestions appreciated!






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  • Active/active array config on v9.x is crumbersome and not recommended by f5; v11.x does this in a great manner but 1500s don't support it.



    If bigips cpu&mem get overwhelm by traffic, consider review your config and see if there's something you can optimize (i.e. Too many iRules on a vs, enable oneconnect, use fastL4 vs for some L4 traffic, etc). If this is becoming a normal situation, you may want to consider upgrade to 1600 or the brand new 2xxx family ( I don't remember exactly the platform number)