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Mar 01, 2014


I am getting the following error when I attempt to sync to my failover ltm. Is there anything I can do to sync to the other ltm? What is the best way to make major changes without disrupting the configsync process?


Feb 28 17:05:38 bip1 err mcpd[5131]: 01070734:3: Configuration error: Invalid pool member modification. An address change from x.x.x.x to a.a.a.a is not supported.


I am running BIG-IP 11.2.1 Build 797.0 Final on both.


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  • Hi mate Tried copying the content of /config/bigip.conf from the one you want to sync from to the one you're trying to sync to?


    If all else fails and the error is not logical (I don't know what you've changed) I sometimes try to force the mcpd process to reload the configuration:


  • I will give that a try. I am assuming certain configurations like ip address hostname etc are not contained in the bigip.conf.


    Changes were mostly to node names and ip addresses. A group of nodes were deleted and then re-added.


  • Ah, right. I think I've seen that behavior before too. The reload of mcpd should work if you're sure the node ip/name is correct.


    Remember to use the command full_box_reboot to make a "clean" restart. :)