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Oct 27, 2021

Creating virtual server of type performance_fastl4 using rest call


i am creating virtual server using rest call , Endpoint: https://<myserver>/mgmt/tm/ltm/virtual

Creation is working file but i want set

"vs_Type": "performance_fastl4"

"client_protocol_profile": "/Common/cust_fastL4_keepalive"

but these things are not getting honored and virtual server is getting created with of type standard.


I created a VS from the User interface with the desired type and profile but when I do get using rest JSON doesn't include these properties.

Can you please help how I can pass and set these properties for the virtual server using rest?





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  • Something like this I think



    "name": "vip2",

    "description": "this is vip2",

    "destination": "",

    "ipProtocol": "any",

    "mask": "",

    "pool": "none",

    "profiles": [


    "name": "fastL4"