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Apr 03, 2024

iRule LX replacement on bigip-Next

Hi all - we use ILX on our current bigip platform and wanted to understand what will be alternate for it in the NEXT platform.

my use case is - when a HTTP request comes in the F5 extracts some information out of the request along with the client IP .

the ILX part makes a REST call to an external URL with that information . if it returns a 200 response - the HTTP request is allowed to move forward to the pool . if a 403 is returned from the external service a reset is sent back.

how can i do the same in bigip-Next - as we have nodejs code performing this tak.


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  • Fortunately BIG-IP Next Access will have this "query an arbitrary HTTP endpoint" functionality natively in upcoming versions in both per-request and per-session contexts. A quick check shows that you can write custom behaviors for different response codes so you'd be able to do something different if you get a 200 vs a 403.

    As you're probably aware, BIG-IP APM has this native functionality only in a "per request" context.