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Mar 16, 2011

Config HA pair?

I'm not able to find the Self and Peer IP address configuration points for an HA pair. Can't find it in the LTM configu guide either. Besides a brain and a clue, what am I missing? Pointers to the right document are perfect; I don't mind reading if I know where to look.







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  • Hi Leam,



    Once you set the units as part of a redundant pair under System >> Platform, you can configure the peer mgmt addresses under System >> High Availability >> Network Failover. If you're using network failover (or session tables in iRules), you should configure the peer IP addresses there too. You can also specify the config sync IP's under the ConfigSync tab.



  • Hmm...So we have an out of band LAN that we use for managing devices, backups, monitoring, etc. The management port on the BigIP is in this LAN, and I want to configure regular access ports for it as well.



    I'm trying to configure them with their management IP addresses and that choked. It said the failover IP was in the same network as the management IP. Out first proff of concept will be using this same LAN segment extensively, so if this causes an issue then I have a problem.



    Should I assume you do not use the management connection to configure failover? Can you configure the BigIP with mutiple failover paths?



    I'm off to go do some experimenting...




  • no, the mgmt port cannot be used for failover. I try to build an aggregated direct link between boxes for sync/mirroring/failover so a single cable/port failure doesn't cause an event, and then I use an internal interface that carries live trafficl as an option as well.
  • In I found:



    bigpipe db Configsync.PeerIpaddr x.x.x.x



    Which seems to have helped. Even using my management connections, with a failover cable plugged in, the systems are keeping one active and the other not. It was able to do something of a configsync, though the VLAN configurations didn't seem to make the transition.



    Still working on ths. Is there a document somewhere that gives detail on how to configure the failover stuff and "best of class" solutions?






  • Hello Leam,



    try these:



    10.2 Manual chapter on configuring HA:




    Defining network resources for BIG-IP high availability features:




    change in behaviour in version 10.x:




    let us know if you need any more help.