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Mar 23, 2021

Code Upgrade Images

Have imported and installed image on host. Have two (2) guests. Only one guest can see the new image I loaded on host. If I import and install image to guest will upgrade still work?

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  • Try seening and installing the image from the CLI of the vCMP quest as it could be a cosmetic bug. This by the way sounds as bug and maybe a restart of the vCMP quest from the vcmp host may help?





    Better not install it from the quest directly as if you forget to add it to the host and there is blade RMA if you use VIPRION the new RMA blade will not be able to recreate the vCMP quest.



  • It was a bug (Bug ID 871561: Software installation on vCMP guest fails with '(Software compatibility tests failed.)' or '(The requested product/version/build is not in the media.)').

    Used work around provided and was then able to install on guest. Upgrade planned for 3/27/2021 so am crossing my fingers that all goes well.