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Feb 27, 2012

Citrix Web & Broker Servers Status

Hi Everyone,


I am have a Citrix environment in which I have Citrix Web and Broker servers. I want to achieve one thing. If my Broker Server is down then I want to mark my web server as down too. Can any one refere to any irule that can help me in achieving in all of this.






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  • Page 7 or 8 of this guide discusses the health monitors that you can apply to your web servers that can log in, query the broker and if the expected application does not come back as being available it could be configured to shut down the web server. The broker acts as an intermediary between the other servers in the farm and the Web Interface so that would be a good check to perform.





    If you do not find the exact configuration for the monitor you might check one of the other deployment guides:

  • Page 6 of this one is a little bit better actually: