F5 StoreFront XML Broker Monitor

Problem this snippet solves:

I successfully was able to manually build a monitor outside of the iApp for Citrix Storefront deployment, that is a little more complex than the original one.

How to use this snippet:

Just copy and past this into your send string for your monitor. There are a few things that will have to be adjusted, such as the host, the username, and password, and content-length.

To find the proper content length, plug in your information that is necessary. Then take the characters between the '<?xml version' and '</NFuseProtocol>' and past them into a text editor. Remove all escape characters such as "\". Highlight the string and if your text editor has the option, it will show you the character count that you selected. This is your new content-length.

If the code is executed correctly you will see a list of published Apps, such as Notepad.

If you wanted to have a monitor that didn't pass the username and password in clear text, you will need to do so in an external monitor. In my use case, the user permissions were locked down just enough to make the monitor work and that is all.

Code :

POST /scripts/wpnbr.dll HTTP/1.1\r\nContent-Length: 492\r\nContent-Type: text/xml\r\nConnection: close\r\nHost: hostname\r\n\r\npermissionsallica30contentuserpassworddomain

Tested this on version:

Published Jul 31, 2020
Version 1.0

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