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Jan 14, 2022

Choosing unique MAC masquerade addresses maintaining F5 MAC OUI

K3523 mentions how we can generate locally administered address for MAC masquerade address using Chassis Base MAC. In addition to that, in F5 DevCentral Youtube video ( Jason Rahm mentioned how we can use one of F5 MAC OUIs and change the 4th Octet to HEX "F5" and make 5th Octet "Device-group" and 6th Octet "Traffic-group"

i.e. 00:01:D7:F5:<Device-Group>:<Traffic-Group>


Can you please confirm that using "F5" in the 4th Octet would still make the MAC address globally unique? In F5's MAC allocations, is HEX "F5" in the 4th Octet reserved for such use cases?


Please let me know. Thank heaps in advance

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