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Mar 05, 2012

Change url & port

on a vip that receives a request with a host header of :






on the outbound back to the server(the entity that is calling it) I want to change it to(no port & new name)







I have been trolling thru the forums and have tried a variety of variations that I have found without success.



Can someone give me some pointers?





- Alex




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    There's a couple of ways.



    1. You could brute force change the host: header in the request every time via an iRule


    2. You could test the host: header passed and



    Checkout the [HTTP::header ...] commands in the iRules wiki for quick exampels of altering the host header.



    or for more complex requirements, you can use a stream. That could be hard-coded (Via a stream profile), or implemented via an iRule (See the proxyPass iRule for an example - Requires a generic stream profile with no content added to the VS though).



    Extra logic can be put in an iRule (If you don't use a hard-coded stream profile) to only perform the stream alterations for particular content. The advantage of a stream is the content would be altered too as well as the header.