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Jul 10, 2023

change root and admin user

Hi guys,
I would like to change root and admin user for my own chosen names. Is it enough if I create one new user that can be used as admin and root as well?
When replacing the user I have to enter a password for the admin, but not for the root user. Why?
Is it necessary to reboot the machine or make a save sys config so that the changes are still active after a reboot?

thanks a lot 

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  • Evergrim I believe what you're looking for is in the following article.

    As far as being prompted for the existing password of the root user when changing the password, I believe if you aren't logged in as the root user when you change it that might be why it didn't prompt you. Typically if you change the password for a user that you aren't logged in as it will not prompt you for the previous password.

  • Evergrim,
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