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Jun 02, 2023

Change of DNS and NTP servers

we are going to change the assignment of DNS and NTP servers and we would like you to confirm us if adding the new ones has to be done at host and/or guest level and if there is any kind of service d...
  • Hi valerixo21 , 

    If you need to configure DNS / NTP it's highly recommended to configure or add it on each guest not the host because guests seem to be different independant boxes or Virtual machines, I am talking about vCMP deployment not for normal bigips. 

    > To add NTP , Follow this Article:   >>> CLI     >>>GUI

    For your query about the impact , when you navigate any Article documented from F5 you should keep your eyes for this statement " Impact of procedure: Performing the following procedure should not have a negative impact on your system." 
    That's mean there is no service interruption or negative impact on your system , and adding NTP servers will not make any impact. 

    after fininshing your NTP Configurations , use this Article to verify that your NTP works well  :


    > To Configure DNS servers : 
    use the below Article to add your DNS servers : 

    It shouldn't intrrupt your services as well. 

    I hope this helps you 🙂