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Aug 28, 2023

Change admin account

Hello, Is there a way to change the administrator account ? Ex. admin -> Michael   Any help is appreciate.
  • Hi SanYang , 
    yes you can 
    ( Go to system >>> Users >>> Choose " Michael "Account >>> in Role drop down list >>> Choose Administrator ) 
    to do that you shoud login with the admin account or another account has the administrative rights. 

    Also you can disable the baisc system default admin account , but I don't prefer that 
    if you want to know the way to disable it let me know. 

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    Aug 29, 2023

    Hi SanYang , 
    Create the new account first let we say ( Michael >>> Password "xyz@123" >> Role "Administrator ) and it's optional to allow CLI accress for this account you can enable advanced shell or tmsh. 

    After creating it , 
    Logout and login again with your new account " Michael " 
    Go to ( System >>> Platform ) , 
    then at admin Account field >>> Select disable default account , use alternate. 
    you have done it now. 

    for detaild steps , Check this Article :

    it contains video clarify how to do that.