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Oct 05, 2021

Can't upload msg file - ASM block

WAF block my request due to " attack signature detected" when try to upload msg file , and the Context : HTTP Request Body Unparsed Payload. the request is look like this : Content-Type: multipa...
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    Oct 06, 2021

    This looks correct, though I don't have any lab where I could test this at the moment.

    Your configuration would apply anytime the Content-Type header value is multipart/form-data.

    The Request Header Value allows wildcards. You could try to narrow down to Do Nothing only for .msg files by testing this combination:


    Request Header Name : Content-Disposition

    Request Header Value : form-data; name="*.msg"; filename="*.msg"

    Request Body Handling : Do Nothing


    EDIT: A word of caution. You should consider to what risk you are exposing your application when not checking these uploads.