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Mar 09, 2020

Can F5 use virtual server of another F5 as pool member?



I have F5 in two separate zone (ie. zone internal,DMZ)


i want to use F5 internal zone LB to different virtual server in different F5 DMZ zone (pool member is VS_1 of F5_1 DMZ & VS_2 of F5_2 DMZ )

network Flow is


Client >> VS F5 internal LB >>>> LB between VS_1 of F5_1 DMZ & VS_2 of F5_2 DMZ >>> then each F5 DMZ will LB to their pool member respectively


F5 internal zone will LB virtual server of another F5


can this doable?

Is this will have issue? or prerequisite?



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    Yes. This is doable. Just make sure your firewalls allows traffic from internal F5s to Virtual servers in the DMZ.

  • It is doable. If configuration like routing, Virtual server and required communication is in place (as you have mentioned DMZ zone) then it should work properly.


    I had done quite same setup in my environment and it is working fine.