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Feb 22, 2012

Blocking mail-sync via ActiveSync. Calendar/Contacts only.

Hi guys



For now only BlackBerry is allowed for company users who want to sync their email (15% of our emloyees). All other users would really like to sync their calendar/contacts WITHOUT syncing their email, but there is no easy wey to do this via Exchange 2010.



Would this be possible to solve with the F5? iRules?


We only recently bougth the F5's (with APM) so I don't really have that much experience with it.
















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  • Hi Kristian,



    Are you working with Per the F5 SE? If so, I think he's looking into this. If you're not he's still looking into it and should post a reply soon :)



  • I think he might be in the loop throu our supplier, yes ;o)


    Looking at a workaround with Palo Alto as well, but we probably won't have that in production for months...