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Aug 07, 2017

BigIQ LTM Password Managment

Does BigIQ support managing the root and admin accounts for all connected LTM's? I have been tasked to reset the admin account credentials on the LTM's and would rather have this task done by automation rather than having to login to each box to change the admin account credentials.


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    I've double checked my BIG-IQ (v5.2) and this doesn't look like it is a feature i'm afraid. Most things that you can do with TMSH you can use with iControl REST so i'd explore this root to see if you can automate the process.


  • Old topic, but might help someone:

    on BigIQ v7.1.0

    Devices -> Big-IP Devices -> More -> Change device password

    Here you can select all the devices on which you want to change password.
    Also you can select if admin, root or both should be changed.

    can change block of devices where admin/root passwords currently is the same, and will be the same.