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Aug 23, 2020

BIGIP periodic script which modifies pool member weight - assistance request



I'm doing my first steps in the F5 scripting world and I find it hard to stitch things together.

There is a simple thing and practical which I'm trying to achieve that I was hoping to get a half way solution for from the community so that I would be able to get a foot hold.


  • A Big-IP proc which will run every minute

> Each run it will sample a modem by snmp

> If WAN traffic of the modem is higher than 50Mb then set weight for Pool "carrier", Pool member name "third" to 1.


set weight to 100


I have some bits and pieces of found information.

Like the need to setup handler, maybe icall script, but I dont know how to put it all together.

The snmp sampling and checking traffic of the modem is on me.


I'm only asking for the F5 components which have to be in place in order to execute the script automatically and periodically.



Some of the code which I prepared to use somehow together:


set pool_name carrier

set pool_member_name third

set ratio 1

tmsh::modify ltm pool "$pool_name members modify { $pool_member_name { ratio $ratio } }"


Thank you,


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