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Jan 19, 2024

Big-IQ 8.3.0 Backup Schedules not showing correct settings.

I have had a backup schedule set up on my Big-IQ to run daily, archive copies to a remote server, and retain local copies for 3 days. We upgraded the Big-IQ to 8.3.0 a few months ago and saw under "Backup Files" that backups were successful so we didn't look at our Backup Schedule. Today we looked at the backup schedule and saw that the local retention policy was set to delete after 1 day, the start time is set to 0:0 instead of our 2:0 time, and Archive was unchecked. We tried to adjust these settings but after saving and closing the schedule when we went back to the schedule it still showed those default type settings. However our backup files show the correct retention, time, and archive settings. Further testing showed that any changes we made to our schedule/new schedules made, were being implemented on the backup files correctly but the backup schedule always shows the wrong default settings. It seems the only info it correctly keeps is Name, Description, Private Keys, Encryption, and Devices.

Is this a known issue for version 8.3.0?

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  • I received a hotfix for this issue - and others - by logging a support case. I can confirm this issue is resolved with a hotfix. When you log your case, reference ID1301225.

  • Hi,

    It appears to be a bug in this specific version of BIG-IQ. I suggest initiating a case with F5 support to explore potential workarounds or obtain a hotfix for this issue.