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Customers want to receive timely reports that summarize the security state of their apps and API’s, which they can review and take necessary next steps by logging in to the console. 

The latest feature implemented in F5 Distributed Cloud Services (F5 XC) is Web App and API Protection (WAAP) scheduled reports, which gives us the ability to generate reports (at daily, weekly or monthly intervals). These reports have details of all WAAP summaries and can be emailed to one or more users on the tenant. This feature generates periodic snapshots of the WAAP summaries in light weight html format.  

Once you have created your reports, F5 XC will keep generating periodic reports and will save them in the history page. This page consolidates all reports and can be future referenced if we want to check details in reports at a specific instance of time. 


Step by step process: 


  • Access to F5 XC account  - Check reference links for getting started
  • Namespaces, Origin Pools and Load balancers (LB) already created - Check reference links for more details
  • UserGroups already configured with emails - Check reference links for user creation


  1. Login to F5 XC console and navigate to WAAP menu 
  2. Under Manage section, expand reports and then to report management page 

    Similar page can also be found under Shared configuration menu 

  3. Click on “Create Report” button and then provide some name & description 
  4. Select service type, namespaces, report type and time details. Optionally if you want to opt for emails, you can also provide UserGroups   

  5. Save the configuration and check the details 
  6. As per the scheduled time, service report will be generated and stored in history page 

  7. If needed, we can generate report instantly by selecting “Generate and Send now” option available in Actions column 

  8. Below image shows a sample html report generated



This article has provided an insight into understanding the basics and configuration steps of WAAP Scheduled reports.


For more details refer below links: 

  1. WAAP 
  2. WAAP Reports 
  3. F5 XC trial
  4. Load Balancer Creation
  5. Origin Pool Creation
  6. UserGroups Creation
Updated Jul 10, 2023
Version 2.0

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