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May 14, 2012

Big-IP LTM Re-encryption

Hi all,



I've using the virtual edition of Big-IP 10.1 under a trial license, which I'm using to load balance traffic to a web server (a single instance of IIS in my test case).



In my virtual server, I can specify a client SSL Profile, so that the Big-IP server receives HTTPS traffic decrypts it and sends HTTP traffic to the web server, working fine. I can also specify a server SSL profile, so the Big-IP server receives HTTP traffic and sends HTTPS traffic to my web server, working. However, when I set both client and server SSL profiles, I never get a response to my requests.



I want the Big-IP server to decrypt incoming traffic, add a cookie for persistence profiling, and re-encrypt the traffic before sending it on to the web server. I can see the request coming into the web server but no response is ever seen at the browser.



I was wondering if anybody had any ideas on how I can get this working. I have self-signed certificates on both the Big-IP server and the web server if that makes any difference.








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