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Apr 18, 2017

BIG-IP 12.1.2 Virtual Edition cannot access internet

Hello, I have a BIG-IP 12.1.2 Virtual Edition installed on VMWare Workstation 12 with External interface connects to VMWare NAT network. The default gateway of BIG-IP external interface is set to the IP on VM NAT network of my computer. This is the output from tmsh list /net route command.


I can ping the gateway as well as the other IPs in NAT network, but for the IPs from other network is unreachable (like and



Using Wireshark I can see that my ping packets can reach its destination but there are no response coming back.



Trying with other VMs on the same VM NAT network, I can see that there are no problem for them to connect to other networks. Below is my Ubuntu VM on NAT network pinging other networks and addresses on the internet I think VMWare is not the main problem here, also I have not set any packet filter rules on BIG-IP yet, anyone got any ideas about the problem I am facing? Thanks in advance.


  • NAT Gateway is .2 and not .1


    Change the GW address to .2 and it will start working.