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Dec 29, 2011

Balancing methods. Member or node?





I have some questions about balancing methods .



I have three pool 's of balaceo , one for xx -port webproxy , webproxy one for x -ldap -port and another port for ftpproxy with xz. All these teams will not know that balancing method is better, "member" or " node" choosing the ratio method .


I've also tried " observed" and the truth is not bad , but I load more connections in two more members than the other two , although the latter being more potent.



The equipment consists of 4 Ironports , three S650 and S660 one .



Thanks a lot.






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  • i understand pools use same nodes but different port. if so, i think ratio (node) load balancing might be more accurate.



    just my 2 cents.