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Aug 05, 2019

Auto resize login page for APM

My customized login page for APM is not resizing correctly, when I scroll down or across the login form page in the middle of the page gets cut off. Is there a way this can be auto resized?

  • You have to play with apm.css file



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  • are you customizing the whole page? or just some small stuff like the text and image?


    in the first case then you are on your own for resizing also.


    if limited then please share a image of what fails.

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      I am trying to auto size the whole page. When I try to manually resize the browser window in a web browser all the page properties stay on full screen aspect. Thomson Thomas MBA, CCNP CCDP CCIEw
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        that is pretty much the default behaivour. if you want that changed you need to add that code yourself. as Sajid is suggesting the css file is the way to go.

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    You have to play with apm.css file