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Jul 08, 2021

Auto Last Hop Feature

Does auto last hop feature works for the traffic coming to servers for which F5 is the gateway?

e.g. F5 is the gateway for the server x.x.x.x and server admin wants to access the server, so the response for the same session does it use auto last feature?

I know, forwarding VIP and static route is needed on F5 for the traffic initiated from the server. But this question is more of response to traffic initiated from the client accessing the server.

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  • It doesn't matter if the BIG-IP is the gateway for server traffic or not. If traffic from the server is returned through the BIG-IP via route, snat or nat, and auto-last-hop is enabled, the BIG-IP will send that traffic back where it came from, regardless of what the routing table says. This can be problematic in DMZs, so understanding the feature is important.