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Mar 06, 2024

AS3 ACC Conversion


I have a qkview extracted from a bigip r5600 running 17.1.1 version.

I have imported the qkview to vscode and converted it to as3 using ACC.

When I try to post the declaration, I have errors about ssl certificate not being found even though the certificates are in place.

the fact is, when the configuration has been created in the first place on F5 via the GUI, there is no concept of PATH under domain partition, and now with AS3 I have this Shared App that has been added to the configuration.


What is exactly the right process of converting to AS3 via ACC when the original configuration qkview file does not have any Application subfolder just Admin partition (i.e Tenant) ?


here is the error I am getting right now



    "id": "82530133-0b46-46c3-97a5-68766a5a663f",

    "results": [


            "code": 422,

            "message": "declaration failed",

            "response": "01070277:3: The requested key (/TENANT1/Mycert-2024) was not found.",

            "host": "localhost",

            "tenant": "TENANT1",

            "runTime": 2739,

            "declarationId": "urn:uuid:bdc310a7-31ad-4f07-bf96-2566912cd989"



    "declaration": {

        "class": "ADC",

        "schemaVersion": "3.37.0",

        "id": "urn:uuid:bdc310a7-31ad-4f07-bf96-2566912cd989",

        "label": "Converted Declaration",

        "remark": "Generated by Automation Config Converter",

        "controls": {

            "class": "Controls",

            "userAgent": "vscode-f5/3.16.1",

            "archiveTimestamp": "2024-03-06T15:36:02.267Z"


        "updateMode": "selective"








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