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Nov 11, 2020

APM SSO debug ssoDisabled: false, _needAuth

i configured APM policy for application which authenticate from AD with SSO variable and Formed SSO, log return for Formed SSO with success match (/Common/Test_WebTop:Common:218f44e3:ssoMethod:|form-based| customLogConfigName:|/Common/Hesab| usernameSource:|session.sso.token.last.username| passwordSource:|session.sso.token.last.password| startURI:|/webnmc/account/adminlogin| formAction:|http://xx.xx.xx.xx/webnmc/account/adminlogin| formUsername:|username| formPassword:|password| formParams:| | _successMatchType:|0| _successMatchValue:||  ) but always ends with ssoDisabled: false, _needAuth: true then get login page.


Form information i got it from Fiddler, any suggestion to figure out the issue here

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  • can you check if the backend website recognizes the request as being tried? is there an application log that shows login failed or ...?


    if not then i would try to packet capture on the server side and see if a response is shown.