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Jan 23, 2023

APM Access Policy - Pass LDAP or AD Query variable

Is it possible to query whether a user has a value for one or another variable then use that to pass or fail passage down the rest of the swimlane for access? (e.g.- expr {[mcget {}] != 0 || [mcget {}] != 0} where the two variables are numbers or a non-constant string, but do have a value...and are not "<not set>".

Is it also possible to have another path where the lack of a value for the expr {[mcget {}] == 0, can be sent to a uri or url?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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      Yep "||" works like that. For most cases, you can use "tclsh" on the BIG-IP command line to test small snippets like this (it doesn't support things like "contains" or "mcget" though, you have to substitute in your values there), for example:




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        Can tclsh be used as APM AD Query in VPE?  It would use the logic like if this variable/attribue has a value or this other variable/attribute has a value, proceed down this path.

        If it doesn't, what would?  An iRule?  And what would the iRule have to look like?

        Sorry for so many questions...Thanks!