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Jul 24, 2018

AMQP traffic load balanced through VS

We are trying to LB rabbitMQ (AMQP). The traffic on a Standard VS will load balance to the pool members and we put the irule for proxy protocol ( as well as the line that enables proxy protocol in rabbitMQ.conf. The network times out when we make a call to the VS right after it attempts to start a RabbitMQ Subscriber. Anyone have similar hirdles they've had to jump over? Sorry I don't have much information to give you-please ask any questions that you think might help!


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      we specified tls1.2 in the rabbitmq.conf and now we have a standard virtual server on port 5671 working.


  • I have been asked to configure this type of setup with RabbitMQ on our F5s.


    I'm not having any luck with standard vs nor performance layer 4 configurations using unsecured 5672 or 5671. We see network connection errors in the rabbitmq log files.


    Besides configuring the rabbitmq.conf file to allow tls1.2 and proxy protocal-Did you enable SSL client on the standard 5671 vs configuration? And was there anything special from an SSL standpoint on the backend server?


  • Hi. We're also trying to LB a cluster with three rabbitMQ (AMQP) servers.


    The traffic on a Standard VS should load balance to the pool members and we put the irule for proxy protocol ( .


    But at the end we have always below error message:


    The PROXY protocol header signature was not recognized. (PP 2.1, PP 2.2)  


    Anyone can help with this issue? Thanks in advance.