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Aug 03, 2011

after timingon,what is the meaning of cycle parameter

Hi,dear irule



b rule SRWD29-Main-rb1115test1 show all


RULE SRWD29-Main-rb1115test1


+-> HTTP_REQUEST 31 total 0 fail 0 abort | | Cycles (min, avg, max) = (0, 419112, 589236)


+-> HTTP_RESPONSE 99 total 2 fail 0 abort | | Cycles (min, avg, max) = (0, 0, 0)


+-> LB_SELECTED 133 total 0 fail 0 abort | Cycles (min, avg, max) = (0, 0, 0)



b rule SRWD29-Main-rb1115test2


show all RULE SRWD29-Main-rb1115test2


+-> HTTP_REQUEST 3 total 0 fail 0 abort | | Cycles (min, avg, max) = (0, 688780, 688780)


+-> HTTP_RESPONSE 508 total 0 fail 0 abort | Cycles (min, avg, max) = (0, 0, 0)



what is the meaning of cycles here?



Is 419112 has a big difference when compared with 688780



After printing the cycle.I don't how to evaluate the parameter of the output


thanks for everyone who want to do me a favor here

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  • Those are CPU Cycles. It's a measurement that you can use to calculate how much time the CPU spends performing an action.



    There is an older discussion thread about it here:



    Or the article about iRule Optimization here:
  • I'd try doing a large number of requests to get a more accurate view of the CPU load. 100's of requests should be good.



  • Hi,thanks for your help


    if I have 4 cores and want to know the Percent CPU Usage/Request


    +-> cpus


    | | | Type: base board Model: Dual-Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 2218


    | | | cache size: 1024 KB


    | | | cores: 4 (cores/cpu:2)


    | | | cpu MHz: 2606.155


    so total MHZ of CPU is 4*2606,right?


  • If you look here:





    Under the Viewing Statistics area is a very good description how to calculate this for your device and more to help you through the process.
  • You will also find the iRule Editor can do this for you very simply. After turning timing on for you irule by modifying the header...

    while EVENT timing on {
       ... your iRule ...

    Get the platform CPU speed using the command below as this does not appear to be available in the GUI.
    config  b platform | grep MHz
    ... cpu Mhz:2992.540

    Now back in the iRule editor, right click on the iRule, select properties then choose the Statistics tab. Enter the cpu value from the command above. Send a few initial requests through to make it compile the first time as the initial compilation uses far more CPU than normal processing. Now reset the stats from that window and refresh to make sure they are all zero again. Remember to do this "initial compile/stats reset" again when you save an updated version of your iRule.

    Now send through about 100 requests. Then hit refresh and view your results.


  • Hi,if my platform is a 4 cores platform ,should I 2992.540*4 to fill the cpu value?