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Mar 22, 2012

After provisioning AVR, getting can't connect to database error

After provisioning AVR from none to nominal, I'm getting "Can't connect to database. If provisioning changes were made, please wait a few minutes." when I click on analytics. It has been like this for the past 3 hours with no change. Has anyone else seen this before? This is on 11.1.0 VE Build 2027.0 Hotfix HF2.






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  • I figured it out. The database creation script couldn't run due to not enough free space. Dohh!!
  • Ya I see the same message but still didnt find time to look more into it to find out what is the reason for not getting any data in that area...
  • I gave the VM 20GB more space, but still having issues. I'll post once I figure it out.
  • can you post /var/log/mysql.out?

    this is mine. i am running 11.1.0 2027.0. the virtual machine has 2 vCPU, 4096 MB memory and 100 GB provisioned storage.

    [root@bigip1:Active] config  cat /var/log/mysql.out
    Apr 05 15:42:24 -- start DB Volume script --
    info: Creating database volume ('mysqldb' owned by 'ASWADB')
    info: tm_install::DataPlane::DataPlane_volume_add -- volume type direct chosen to match active control plane.
    info: Creating database volume filesystem on /dev/vg-db-sda/app.ASWADB.set.2.mysqldb
    info: Copying database...
    19 blocks
    info: Mounting...
    Apr 05 15:42:24 --
    Apr 05 15:42:24 -- end DB Volume script --
    Apr 05 15:42:36 Initializing MySQLApr 05 15:42:36 Starting MySQL. SUCCESS!