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Feb 25, 2010

Add-PSSnapin : A parameter cannot be found that matches parameter name 'iControlSnapIn'.

Newbie question here..



I just installed the Icontroll for powershell.. reading through the readme.txt I first ran the setupsnapin.ps1.. seemed to work..



then when I try to Add-PSSnapIn -iControlSnapIn I get this error:



Add-PSSnapin : A parameter cannot be found that matches parameter name 'iControlSnapIn'.


At line:1 char:28


+ Add-PSSnapIn -iControlSnapIn <<<<




kind of stuck at this point

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  • Omit the "-" before iControlSnapin and you should be set. That's a typo in the documentation. By typing in "Get-PSSnapin -Registered" you'll get a list of regsitered snapins and you should see iControlSnapin on that list if you ran the setupsnapin.ps1 script.



    If you want to see how it works, check out the iControl CodeShare PowerShell examples




    Click here




    The scripts will register the snapin if it isn't already in the current runspace.



    Check out the tutorials and examples in the above link and hopefully that will give you enough to get going.



    Hope this helps and please post any other questions that come up.



  • nice.. except..



    going throught the first walkthrough on installing.. also in the tutorial your doing the setupsnapin as a function I believe? in the readme its just running it.. does it matter?



    powershell -psconsolefile icontrolsnapin.psc1



    WARNING: The following errors occurred when loading console C:\Program Files (x86)\F5




    Cannot load Windows PowerShell snap-in iControlSnapIn because of the following error: Windows PowerShell snap-in


    iControlSnapIn is not installed on the machine.




    Does this not work on x64 maybe?
  • never mind.. I need to run it in the x86 powershell... sorry about that, didn't even think it would be an issue