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Jan 28, 2022

iControlSnapIn (PowerShell) Create WideIP without AAAA record

I am using PowerShell and the iControlSnapIn for "GTM Wide IP (Create)" command ((Get-F5.iControl).GlobalLBWideIP.create()). An example is in this post.

When the Wide IP command completes (I'm using load balancing method "LB_METHOD_GLOBAL_AVAILABILITY" with the command), I end up with two new Wide IPs, both with the same Name. One of them is the expected entry of Type "A" (which is the same type that gets created when I create a Wide IP from the web console) and is tied to the Pool that was specified when the create command was executed. The 2nd, unexpected/unwanted entry that is created is of Type "AAAA", and it is not tied to the specified Pool.

How do I either create the Wide IP from PowerShell without the Type "AAAA" entry being created or use the (Get-F5.iControl).GlobalLBWideIP.delete_wideip() command to delete only the Type "AAAA" entry without deleted the Type"A" entry which shares the same Name.

  • I was able resolve the issue by upgrading my iControlSnapIn from v11.6 to v13.1 and take advantage of the newer GlobalLBWideIPV2 commands, which allow for creation/deletion of WideIPs by Type.

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