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Feb 18, 2016

AD Group Name manipulation

I am a complete newcomer to this environment and am having a deal of difficulty with the following


From a logon page I use AD Auth to validate the visitor and then I wish to have a dynamic page whose content is based around the AD groups the Visitor is a member of.


Example an AD group has a name RDS-Example-1. Example-1 is the name of a Remote desktop server. when any of the members of the group log on the AD query checks for the group membership. thus they return Group name CN=RDS-Example-1


What I am having trouble with is manipulating the Group name CN=RDS-Example-1 so that I can extract the Remote Desktop Server name as the dynamic entry for destination in the remote Desktop access policy.


I have been looking for information on text string manipulation but am getting more confused. I suspect this is actually quite easy, could some kind person enlighten me please.