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May 24, 2012

Active/Standby Question

Hello everyone, I am new to F5 and still learning.. When trying to design active/standby criteria, from the config guide docs I found that we can have different ways of doing so -- either define an HA group that calculates scores, or we can use force-active or force-standby to select our preferred device. My question is, which one would have better priority when both options are configured? Say, I have two devices, device1 and device2. Device1 have force-active configured and both has HA group that tracks some server pool. Somehow device1 is having a worse score than device2. Which one will be the active device? Would the force-active always trumps the HA score, or vice versa? Also, in case I have some VLAN that is configured to failover as a failsafe action, when this VLAN fails on the active device will this condition trumps the force-active and HA score and failover always happens? Thanks a lot for any idea or link to detailed materials.

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  • I would use HA groups and would not use preferred active/standby as the latter config can force an unnecessary failover if the preferred active unit fails and then comes back online.