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Apr 17, 2024

Active- Active HA setup

In my active-active environment, can i  simultaneously run same applications on both devices. Could you please provide guidance on this?

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  • Hello,

    For running active-active setup you have two or more active traffic-groups correct?
    Do you have session persistance and such setup for the backend application or how do you plan on handling possible failovers and such for synchronising the backend?

    I'd probably solve it by creating a second VS which is attached to traffic-group-2  and which uses the the second application server (presuming you have at least two different application servers) Also you'd probably need a second leg with routes to the internal backendserver which is also part of traffic-group-2. Then i'd probably setup a DNS-record for, which points to and where app1 and app2 corresponds to the VS assigned IPs. Then it will resolve in a round robin style towards the servers, but the best option would obviously be by using GSLB for name resolution which will solve DNS-persistance for the clients so that they go towards the same VS.


  • You can use solution traffic group for control virtual server active on both F5 Device

    - Create traffic group and setup active traffic group active on different device

    Apply traffic group to virtual address.


  • With active/active setup you have 2 traffic groups 1 for one unit and another traffic group for the other unit. With those two then you divide the Virtual Servers (VS) between them, so if you have 6 virtual servers you would have 1-3 going to group 1 and 4-6 going to group 2. Then you configure failover so that the traffic group for either unit moves to the other unit that hasn't failed. I do not believe you could do something such as having VS 1 exist on both unit 1 and unit 2 at the same time.