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May 01, 2012

11.1 Makes it impossible to determine if devices in group are in sync

In 11.1, the following methods were removed:










The remaining methods available to the user for tracking the status of a device's configuration are:





Get_configuration_list will tell the user the modification time of config.ucs, but synchronization IS itself a modification and thus n identical devices with the same, synchronized configuration will show different modification times.



The removal of the three methods from DeviceGroup makes it impossible for the user to determine whether the nodes in the DeviceGroup are ACTUALLY IN SYNC, short of downloading the config of each device and doing a binary comparison. Which is not a reasonable solution since F5 itself DOES KNOW WHETHER ITS DEVICE GROUP IS SYNCHRONIZED, because it can show it in the web ui.



I've combed through the API for alternative solutions but so far I haven't been able to find anything. In 11.1, an icontrol user has no ability to ask f5 if f5 is in sync.


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