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TCL Error After Upgrade to OS


Hi All,

After Upgrade to new OS version. I find the TCL error message :


TCL error: /Common/irule_akamai_ibank_validates <HTTP_REQUEST> - Can't call after responding - ERR_NOT_SUPPORTED (line 1)   invoked from within "HTTP::header exists "X-BNI-AKAMAI""


Here the irule_akamai_ibank_validates content :



 if {[HTTP::header exists "X-BNI-AKAMAI"] } {

    if {[HTTP::header "X-BNI-AKAMAI"] equals "BNI-Akamai-2015"}{

  } else {



 } else {






I just find the article F5 : , but I can find the example for modify HTTP:header exists. the article just said "Returns true if the named header is present and not empty on the request or response".


Anyone can modify that irules to remove the TCL Error ??


Thanks so much.


Hi Satriaji,


Starting in version 14.1.0 the following log line may appear:

01220001:3: TCL error: /Common/<iRule_name> <HTTP_REQUEST> - ERR_NOT_SUPPORTED (line 1) invoked from within "HTTP::host"

when HTTP_REQUEST { if { [HTTP::has_responded] } { return } if { [HTTP::header exists "X-BNI-AKAMAI"] && [HTTP::header "X-BNI-AKAMAI"] equals "BNI-Akamai-2015" } { # } else { discard } }

You can add the line containing HTTP::has_responded to the iRules that generates TCL errors.

Oke Enes, I will try it. But, what the function of "#" in your iRules ?

It is comment character. Using it will have no effect.

if { [HTTP::header exists "X-BNI-AKAMAI"] && [HTTP::header "X-BNI-AKAMAI"] equals "BNI-Akamai-2015" } { # do nothing }


Oh i see, are you ever find log : suppressed xxx message from Suppressed xx messages from /system.slice/httpd.service too after upgrade to new OS


I find the relevant article :


But i didn't know how i running the script ... are at CLI ?

This article not spesific, and i didnt know are the steps interupt the traffic existing or not.


I have not encountered this log before.

After running the commands in the article at cli for testing, there was no interrupt. You can run the commands on a standby device first.

Oh, okeyyy Enes thankyouu so much for your kindness and your information.


I will try to ask Support for makesure that its not interrupt the traffic first.



Have a nice day Enes. you are so helpfull. Thankyouu




Hii Enes,


its also work, just adding in line 4 (HTTP:has_responded) and return in line 4, and return in line 13.