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Steps for adding more CPUs in VCMP guest


If I want to add more CPU Core in a F5 VCMP guest, what will be the steps for doing that?


step 1: Disable the guest step 2: Add the CPU Core step 3: Deploy the guest


Please correct me if I missed anything. Thanks.



Hi Shafiul,


What do you mean with "Disable" in step.1?


When you do adding cores to vcmp guest, it must be in "Configured" state, then when you are done with the settings must put it in "Provisioned" state. Finally when you want to use the guest you must set it as "Deployed" state.


I hope it is clear enough.




F5 Employee
F5 Employee

There are 2 ways to do it...


Per the manual...

  1. Log in to the BIG-IP Configuration utility on the vCMP host, using the BIG-IP system's primary management IP address.
  2. On the Main tab, click vCMP > Guest List .
  3. View the graphic to determine the number of unused cores available on the system.This tells you how many cores are available to add to the guest.
  4. In the Name column, find the name of the guest that needs additional CPU cores and confirm that the Requested State is Deployed.
  5. To the left of the guest name, select the check box.
  6. Click the Disable button.The guest state changes from Deployed to Configured.
  7. Important: It might take a few minutes for the guest state to change to Configured.
  8. Once the screen shows that the guest is now in the Configured state, click the guest name.The guest properties screen opens.
  9. From the Cores per Guest list, select a higher number of CPU cores.For example, if you currently have two cores allocated to the guest and you want to add two cores, then from the Cores per Guest list, select 4.
  10. Note: Do not select a value that exceeds the total number of unused cores available for use on the system.
  11. From the Requested State list, select Deployed.
  12. Click Update.The Guest List screen opens again and you will see that the guest state is changing.
  13. Important: It might take a few minutes for the guest state to change back to the Deployed state.


Or you can go can click on the guest itself and set it to Configured in the dropdown. Either way way will disable the quest so you can add the cores to it.

This is an old threat, but I can't seem to find any new ones.


When the Guest goes to "Disable" does this automatically power down the Virtual device or does it remain up?

If it does power it up, when state changes from Deployed to Configure does the device automatically power up?

Also can anyone determine if this impacts the device in an HA Pair in Secondary other than place it in a Disconnected State?