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Rotate SSL Cert and Encrypted Key with iControl REST API


I'm trying to rotate SSL Certs and Encrypted Keys (i.e. those protected with a passphrase) using the iControl REST API. If the Cert and Key are in use on a Client SSL Profile (the very normal situation), I get the error "error:0906A068:PEM routines:PEM_do_header:bad password read" when patching

. What is the correct procedure to rotate in this scenario?

Also, since I believe I have to update the passphrase on the Client SSL Profile, does that mean there may be a downtime for any Virtual Servers using that profile? I see a warning about this in K15462: Managing SSL certificates for BIG-IP systems using tmsh but not in K14620: Manage SSL certificates for BIG-IP systems using the Configuration utility, though neither of those articles speak to the iControl REST API.



Did you end up figuring this out?  I have a similar issue, when trying to install a new cert + key using the api that are different from what currently exists on the f5 -

"code": 400,
"message": "01070317:3: profile /Common/'s key(/Common/ and certificate(/Common/ do not match.",
"errorStack": [],
"apiError": 3