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providing 2 default routes on the F5 LTM.



One of those basic questions. 😉


We have an existing F5 LTM which is running VIP's on a dedicated network segment. Let's take the segment as

We have a self-IP configured on this F5 from and allocated one interface for the VIP.

Further, we added a default route on the F5 and pointed it to the network switch hosting the gateway for network.


One additional requirement has come up by our internal teams that they want few more VIP's to be hosted on this F5.

The VIP's would reside on another network segment i.e.


Can I use another interface on the F5 and assign it an IP in the segment?

Once done add another default route on the F5 pointing it to the network switch hosting the gateway for network?

With this setup can there be any asymmetric routing?


Typically any network device will exit traffic out of the same interface it received the traffic.

I just want to be sure on the F5 side as well.








Where is the L3/gateway of network is configured?

If it is on the same switch where the gateway of network is present, you can pass traffic for new network through the existing interface being used for on F5. For this, you need to make interface as a trunk and pass all required VLAN. With this setup, the current default route on the F5 will be used as it is for new segment also.


Hope it helps!


Thanks for the response Mayur.


Yes, agreed. That is what the first option was. The L3 gateway is on the same network switch.


The only risk was a downtime for the existing VIP's which are kind of critical.

We wanted to get this activity completed without a maintenance window.