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Partition Route domain and VLAN no available


Hello to all,


This is my first post/question and I hope I'll live up to the expectations of the F5 community!


I administer an already installed F5 LTM appliance pair in high availability with a single traffic group. I'm trying to create a new partition that ideally would have its own dedicated route domain, since it belongs to a different network segment and I'd would not like to bridge and/or bypass the firewall installed between the F5 and the servers. So, I created a new partition name "vlan.21_partition", assigned appropriate vlans and then tried to create a route domain.


Is it necessary for a route domain to have more than one vlans? What I'm trying to achieve is a one-arm configuration but as isolated as possible in terms of routing. To achieve this, should all objects belong to the partition itself? Could e.g. a node exist in Common and the virtual server in vlan.21_partition?


Since also the LTM appliance performs NAT for internet publishing, in an effort to keep the public IPs that are already bound to the services, can I create a VS in Common partition and the node used for it to be a VS of the vlan.21_partition?


Among my efforts, I managed to create the Route Domain but on Available VLANs I could not get the newly created one I wanted to use, the list is empty. Is there any specific requirement for it to get show in it?


Thanks in advance!


It's good to understand that partitons and route domains are not the same. Route domains are used like VRFs to create network segregation. Partitions however, are used to create administrative segregation. These are frequently used together (assign a default route domain to a partition) for ease of use.


Here are the steps that you could try:


  1. Create a new route domain (for example id 100)
  2. Create a new partition (for example and use id 100 as Partition Default Route Domain
  3. Select your newly created partition.
  4. Create new vlans in your newly created partition (they will be automaticaly assigned to RD 100).


It's okay if you just want to use only 1 VLAN in your route domain.