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One Application need to Listen on Multiple Service and Backend Application running on Diff Port


Hello All,


I require some help here.


Due to application requirement I need to configure Virtual Server with Multiple Service Port and multiple back-end port at Node Level.


1st Traffic Flow is Like this :: Client >> F5 VIP Listening on 443 Port ( ) >> Back-end Servers will be listening on 443 ( , )


Now client want same Virtual Server to Listen on 7443 and back-end server also at 7443. This 2nd part of flow is more of intermediate traffic between the applications.


2nd Traffic Flow is Like this Application Server >> F5 VIP Listening on 7443 Port ( ) >> Back-end Servers will be listening on 7443 ( , ). And at 2nd flow they do not need X-Forwarded Host header enabled as this 2nd Traffic flow will not source from actual user it is intermediate traffic between Application.


Based on this how should I configure F5 Configuration , create a 2nd Virtual Server with same hostname listening on 7443 as SERVICE PORT and Backend Servers Listening on 7443.




Configure the 1st VIP to Listen on All Port as Service Port and Backend Port to Listen on 0 ( All ) Ports ? But if I do this for 7443 traffic application source traffic should not SET X-Forwarded Host header but for 443 Traffic Application requires to SET X-Forwarded Host header. So when I combine both port request how do I separate when X-Forwarded Host header question comes ? Meaning for 443 I need X-Forwarded Host header SET and for 7443 Traffic NOT SET X-Forwarded Host header.


Thanks in advance.





In my opinion the best option is to create another VS with the needed port.

This way you'll work natively with TCP and HTTP profiles. So no policies and rules are needed to write or to control access to all other opened ports on backend server.