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Need help in creating iRule to deny a specific URL and allow all others.


Hi All,

I am new to F5 devices, no experience in creating iRules at all.

The application is hosted ( and the traffic is being load balanced using Virtual Servers.

I have a requirement to block a specific URL/path i.e. for all the incoming requests and allow all other paths on this URL.

This can be done using iRule but i am not sure on the iRule syntax to be used.

Any help would be highly appreciated.


Hi @ravi_atc , you can try below irule syntax.


When HTTP_REQUEST { if { ([HTTP::host] eq "") and (([string tolower [HTTP::uri]] eq "/admin")) } { reject } }

You can also achieve it using LTM policy.


Hope it helps!


Hi Mayur,

Thank you for the help, since we are in a production environment, i will recommend the given code to the team, will let you know once it gets implemented.