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k8s bigip-controller node removal



We're having issues with network traffic in our tanzu kubernetes cluster during upgrades. The upgrade process deletes nodes 1 by 1, and creates a new node with the upgraded k8s version. 

We have tried modifying the node-poll-interval and verify-interval, but there seems to be an issue with this approach.
Our traffic is directed to a random node, and from that node, is forwarded to the correct node/pod inside the cluster. When a node is deleted, it takes up to 30 seconds for that node to be removed from bigip.

This results in substantial packet loss during every upgrade of our cluster. 
Is there a way to perhaps remove/disable nodes based on labels/taints? unschedulable taint would be perfect for this.
Any other suggestions?

Best regards


F5 Employee
F5 Employee

Hi Einar

Please note that the double indifection mechanism that you are experience is caused by Service's externalTrafficPolicy setting. See

I find an approach would be to label the nodes that are operational and use the node-label-selector CIS parameter to avoid the ones which should not be used.