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Is BIG-IP VE TRIAL compatible with VMware Workstation 15 ?


This is my experience:

I was using the evaluation version Workstation 10 and BIG-IP VE TRIAL version 13.1.1

I had no issues.

My evaluation period for the Workstation 10 was over - I decided to purchase the license- I was redirected to download latest Workstation 15.

Initially the upgrade went well.... My linux vm worked ... However when I started the BIG-IP i was requested to upgrade my vm...hmmm.

Which I did .

I then started having issues .. the VM was not stable .... also I could no longer ping /communicate over the bridge NIC ( between the local machine and BIG-IP) .. They virtual nic ( hosts) seemed to be ok


Contacted Vmware - and started the process to downgrade from Workstation 15 back to Workstation 10.

I can now ping over the bridge local machine and BIG-IP.


I have not completed my testing ... BUT ... the configs that I had ( i two instances of BIG-IP) ... no longer works ... VMware gives me an error saying "that the configuration file xxxx.vmx was created by a VMware product that is incompatible with this version of VMware workstation"


It looks like when I upgraded to Workstation 15 my config files were modified and now are no longer compatible with lower version 10.... scary !!


This is a LAB in environment .. I can always recreate my config.... but what would happen in a Production Environment ???


Anyone have any comments to add ???












​Hi Everyone,

Thanks to  VMware tech   ( plus I am new to VMware ) .. I was told that in the downgrade procedure I need to use the tab 


Select the virtual machine and select VM > Manage > Change Hardware Compatibility.

This resolved the issue with Compatiblity of the configuration file - working now.


As for the version of  VMWorkstation compatible with BIG-IP VE 13.1.1 ???

I found this article on F5

Unless I am mistaken ... but the version  BIG-IP VE 13.1.1  is only compatible with VMworkstation 10 ????


Can someone confirm this please ...