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I can not ping and browser the virtual server by ip as (Keith's lesson 9)


I also wonder about the ip in vmware, Do i need to assign nat too or not?


Hi, if I understand you correctly, you're not able to ping Virtual Address of Virtual Server.


So, by default, when you're creating Virtual Server, the system will automatically start listening on IP address that you've assigned to it. This means that you should by default ping Virtual Address and of course browse it (if its web application).


If you are not able to either ping it, or browse it, there might be routing problem. The most probably you've forgotten to enable NAT feature (Source Address Translation) in your Virtual Server settings. Double check that setting and make sure that it is set to either Auto map, or to SNAT (but in this case, you also should configure NAT pool). If you Do not want to use SNAT, then you have to set f5's Self-IP (for internal VLAN) as a default gateway on target web server.


Also you can check Local Traffic ==> Virtual Servers ==> Virtual Address List ==> your_virtual_server_address and make sure that ICMP Echo is set to Always.


Hope that helps.

// Giorgi

Yes, Virtual address of virtual server.

Thank you very much Giorgi